Our matto is defined as"Being responsible towards our customers"

Specialist Forces
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Currently Polimeran Saze Saba Co., specializes in manufacturing the plastic parts for specific industries including nitrogen gas injection parts. Consequently, Polimeran Company has excellent cooperation’s with the electrical, electronic, auto-manufacturing, home appliances, utilities and medical engineering industries.

Management message

مهندس مرتضی شهرابی مدیر عامل شرکت پلیمران

We acknowledge that our clients have to address persistent challenges in their area of management that need to be resolved.

Our team’s “core value” is to instill our clients with a sense of security considering the work they have en-trusted us with, thus allowing them a peace of mind to attend to other matters that will improve the quality of their organization. Respectively, our core business strategy is to enable beneficial growth in our clients’ financial wellness by infusing a culmination of 35-year experience that has been founded on scientific principles and methodolo-gies in various areas of consultation, which include, but are not limited to, technical, production, raw con-sumer materials, and quality. Certainly, the result of this value-creation has been to win the full trust and loyalty of our clients at Polime-ran Co. In addition, we take pleasure in holding a renowned reputation for “trust, quality, and integrity” in all of our relations. With this framework in mind, Polimeran Saze Saba Co. regards the society at large a platform for growth. Hence, it has continuously played a grave role in the well-being of the community, the quality of work-life for its employees, and the environment. We are committed to making such grave impacts by being involved in socially responsible practices and contributing more to national development.

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